We have a number of experts working in taxation, constantly updating their knowledge of new laws and regulations to ensure you can take full advantage of the opportunities on offer, including:

  • Ongoing advisory services
  • Taxation for businesses, legal entities, private individuals and non-profit making organizations
  • Advice and assistance in tax audits, participating and cooperating with preparation and submission of information to government authorities, work and presentation of queries on tax for both legal and fiscal inspections, analyzing potential resources and dealing with requests from the administration etc.
  • National and international tax planning through development of strategies in order to achieve the maximum potential tax benefits within the applicable legal framework
  • Special reports on particularly complex issues such as: tax issues for overseas trade, new investments in fixed assets and their financing, etc.
  • Regular information on developments in taxation, whether technical, legal or administrative and their impact on the economic and financial performance of the company
  • Tax management