We are a team of professionals with a proven track record of over 50 years in tax, business, auditing, accounting, employment and legal services. Our experience, coupled to the drive of our outstanding human team to continually update and grow their knowledge of each key specialization, has forged us into a multidisciplinary unit able to offer our clients the skills and insight needed to meet the stern challenges faced by enterprise today.

Our staff comprises professionals mastering a wide range of disciplines, covering finance, audit, economics, law, employment and taxation among others, whilst our partnerships both at home and abroad allow us the benefit of extra back up to offer all round cover to our clients.

Our team specializes in supporting a wide range of enterprises and business models:

  • Industry, sales and services
  • Multinational subsidiaries
  • Specific company structures (cooperatives, limited companies)
  • Non-profit making organizations (trusts and associations)
  • Administration and asset management, both corporate and individual

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