BLITA is an international association of firms that provide advisory services for companies which integrates 33 professional offices from the U.S. and the main countries of Latin America, plus Spain, Portugal, and Italy. An annual meeting is held every year with all the associated firms in a different city, being Barcelona the elected one for 2018.


Among the various activities organized within the framework of the meeting, an ‘OPEN DAY’ will also be held. All those interested are invited to join in at no extra charge. It promises to be a unique event in Barcelona that will allow you to network with both legal and tax professionals from a host of different countries. The firms Castellà and Lawants will be organizing this event set for the coming October 25th.

Based on the wealth of experience obtained from past meetings, it will be a great opportunity for all participants and local companies alike, who wish to obtain personal and free initial advice focusing on the potential international expansion of their business or indeed for the projection of their investments towards international markets. On this day you will be able to obtain first-hand knowledge of key legal and fiscal issues of the market most relevant to your business or investment activity. This will enable you to get a fuller picture of the advantages and tax opportunities offered both by the United States and the countries of Latin America.


In order to find out more about all of its members due to be present at the Barcelona event, just visit the website of the Blita International network. From next September 1 you can schedule your personalized interview using this website. If you are interested in receiving updates on the information about the event as they occur, please fill in our contact form with your information.

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